Greater of Two Evils


This cartoon was created for an art exhibition held in October – November 2016 called “Hues of Red and Blue” at the Allentown Art Museum and Re:Find’s Gallery on the Walk. Besides hanging at the Gallery on the Walk, it was published in the Bethlehem Press.

At this point, the candidate I supported was out of the race and the choice was going to be the “lesser of two evils.” Hillary, who wasn’t really evil, but perceived to be by years of attacks from Republicans and right-wing media, was too “establishment” for me.

However, Trump represented the worst the Republicans had to offer. Not only as a businessman was he bankrupt, but Trump seemed morally bankrupt as well. I easily saw through his phony populist rhetoric and voted for Clinton. At least much of what Sanders ran on became part of the Dem’s platform.

Today, when The Donald takes the oath of office with a Republican Congress and Senate in his pocket, the Middle Class and Poor will be hit again and again by these politicians and the one-percenters who own them. I fear that public education, healthcare, Social Security and Medicare will be gutted to fund tax cuts for the rich. And that is just the beginning …


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