File Folder Feature: Newspapers

Besides declaring war on immigrants, judges, U.S. allies, etc., President Trump now is waging a war of words against the media. The guy who dubbed his opponents during the last election “Lyin’ Ted” and “Crooked Hillary” has been spouting whopper after whopper at Tweets, rallies, and increasingly bizarre press conferences.

Now that the press has been calling him on these half-truths and outright lies, Trump has turned his attention to attacking America’s free press for reporting, in his delusional thinking, “fake news.” His attempts to discredit the press is what the dictators do to shield themselves from criticism.

This cartoon ran in the Bethlehem Press in October of 2014. We should all keep in mind that newspapers and other news media, that are part of a free press, are necessary for a democracy to function.


© Ed Courrier


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