File Folder Feature: Thanksgiving 2007


This editorial cartoon was published in the East Penn Press in November 2007. At the time US troops were fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. Because of this, there were a lot of empty chairs at family tables during the holiday.

Although most combat troops had been withdrawn years later, there are still US military personnel deployed in these danger zones. Even when not in active combat areas, servicemen and servicewomen are still stationed at bases far away from their loved ones during this 2016 holiday season.

Let us all give thanks to God for the folks who have sacrificed so much to protect us.

We should be grateful for those men and women who protect and serve us here at home, too … the firefighters, police and EMTs.

We have much to be thankful for!


Vote BLUE Today!


As a Bernie supporter, I was disappointed that he didn’t win the nomination in the primaries. I have been encouraged that his candidacy brought much what he stood for into the Democratic Party Platform like campaign finance reform, clean energy to fight climate change, etc. So even if I feel somewhat lukewarm toward Hillary, I feel strongly about what can be accomplished by supporting her at the polls. I do realize that much of how I perceive her has been programmed into my brain through decades of right-wing attacks and endless “investigations” by the Republican Party. They created lots of smoke with very little fire.

Much good has come from the past eight years of Obama’s two terms in the White House. The one that has had the greatest impact on my family is Obamacare. We were getting hosed by the insurance industry for health coverage until we qualified for coverage through the Obamacare marketplace. According to her web site, Hillary plans to improve Obamacare by making it universal and affordable. Link:

In contrast, the Republicans have voted more than 60 times to repeal or defund Obamacare and replace it with either nothing or with worthless “vouchers” for Americans to purchase health coverage from an industry that is only interested in making money for shareholders and overpaid CEOs.

The GOP still believe in what Bush Sr. once called “Voodoo Economics.” Tax cuts for the extremely wealthy do NOT “Trickle Down” to the rest of us. They go to the politicians who passed them as “campaign contributions.” This is how those tax cuts affect the Middle Class … The Koch Brothers pay less taxes. The Feds have less money for public education and cuts funding for the states for education. The states now have less funding for public education, so they send less money to local school districts for educational programs and general upkeep. Local school boards have to raise property taxes to make up the difference. This is how the Middle Class ends up subsidising the Koch Brothers.  Because of “Citizens United,” the Koch Brothers are free to purchase politicians with a portion of what they saved with their tax cuts.

Since I feel strongly that this is bigger than just who gets into the White House, I encourage you to pull the lever for ALL DEMOCRATS.

The Republicans have been obstructionists and even if Hillary Clinton wins, they have vowed to block everything, including a continuation of refusing to interview Supreme Court Justice nominees. On a local level, the Republicans have Gerrymandered themselves into permanent jobs. The district borders are built around their very narrow base.

Until enough of them are voted out, this will not change. Even if a “Yellow Dog” or “Pet Rock” is running against a GOP candidate, vote for the “Yellow Dog” or “Pet Rock.”

This is up to you!

— Ed Courrier


“Hues of Red and Blue” Exhibit at Re:Find’s Gallery on the Walk

 “Role Models,” is one of two of Ed Courrier’s previously unpublished political cartoons on display at Re:Find’s Gallery on the Walk (located on the ArtsWalk just off Seventh St. in Allentown, PA). This exhibition of recent artwork by several area artists complements the “Hues of Red and Blue” juried show held at the Priscilla Payne Hurd Gallery in the Allentown Art Museum. Courrier’s editorial cartoons are published regularly in the Bethlehem Press and other Lehigh Valley Press weeklies.

The Gallery on the Walk exhibit continues through Nov. 20. Hours: 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. Tuesday – Saturday, noon – 5 p.m. Sunday. Information: 610-841-4866;

A Present for the Folk Community …

Today is the anniversary of Pete Seeger’s birthday. In honor the iconic folk singer, activist, and one of the founders of Sing Out! magazine, Roger Deitz and I are releasing the digital version of 15 Years of RagTag as a FREE download!


15 Years of RagTag is a collection of humorous columns written by Roger Deitz and illustrated by Ed Courrier that were reprinted from Sing Out! magazine 1995-2010.

Published in paperback in 2012, 15 Years of RagTag is now available as a free PDF download.

Please go to Roger’s web site at:

And download a copy of 15 Years of RagTag for yourself!

If you enjoy this digital edition, please share these links with your friends.

We want to reach as many folks as is possible!

All the Best,

Ed Courrier


Birthday Treat for May 3, 2016

Please come back to my blog on Tuesday, May 3 for a link to my dear friend Roger Deitz’s web site.

In tribute to folk singer and activist Pete Seeger (5/3/1919-1/27/2014), we will be making available a FREE present to the Folk Community on the anniversary of Pete’s birthday!

Again, please come back here on May 3.


Ed Courrier

© Ed Courrier 2016


File Folder Feature: Happy Easter!

This cartoon ran in a 2009 issue of the Bethlehem Press. The sharks on Wall Street had crashed the economy in 2008 and were now collecting huge bonuses instead of punishments for their excessive greed. Unfortunately they own most of Congress and almost all of the 2016 presidential candidates … except for one.

I am kinda feeling the Bern today.

And I haven’t forgotten why we celebrate Easter in the first place. Praise the Lord!

Ed Courrier (b. 1955) Nest Eggs Caption: Hey! Those were my nest eggs! 2009 Digital print on matte-coated photo paper A/P 7 ½ x 5 7/8 inches Collection of the artist, Macungie, PA Published April 8, 2009 in the Bethlehem Press (© Ed Courrier)

File Folder Feature: PA AdultBasic

This ran in the Bethlehem Press in March of 2011 when it was announced that state-funded healthcare for adults in poverty was to be scrapped. Even though Obamacare came later to help these folks, a Republication governor deliberately refused to allow them access to it by blocking Medicaid expansion. Under a new Democratic administration, the poor have finally been given access. Although he was more of a pussycat, my oldest daughter’s Rottweiler “Kaos” played the role of “junkyard dog.”